Who are we?

We specialize in the development of a variety of cost-efficient and scalable cloud-based applications for the centralization, aggregation, and standardization of data for real time analytics


Cloud based software implementations

Our approach enables creation of complex applications faster than deploying off the shelf commercial applications. Developed applications can also be accessed on handheld devices such as the iPhone and the iPad with dedicated apps.

Developing novel informatics solutions

For the centralization, standardization, and integration of operational data for real time use. Creating significant efficiencies across project planning and execution, as well as providing actionable insight to potential risks and performance issues.


Over 25 years of experience within pharmaceutical industry.

At Metrendalytics, we strongly believe that operational software must fit your organization’s unique processes.  Implementing an Informatics Platform is an opportunity to streamline your current processes, use your everyday data to seize new opportunities and mitigate risks with speed and flexibility.  We focus on delivering highly personalized software implementations based on our core processes. We specialize in taking complex organizational requirements and delivering simple and highly effective automation software.

The technical capabilities of the platforms developed, has been nothing short of transformative.  Provides a fundamental shift in how companies build applications, manage content, and most importantly, how they work together.  The use of dashboards and rich and initiative visualizations allows staff the ability to see outliers, patterns, and correlations that are not visible from spreadsheets.  Interactive charts allows user to drill down to details for decision making capability that teams can just consume as part of everyday job without having to manipulate or manage all of those operational transactions.

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President