Manufacturing Plant Operations

Case: Large scale manufacturing plant need to have data available to calculate a numerical value for the efficiency and keep records in order to know if any production adjustments should be made. 

Improving manufacturing productivity involves collecting and analyzing data and making effective decisions. Strategic assessment of the total production cost of a product should be done in order to control costs. Efficiency should thus be exercised in all manufacturing processes in order for a company to avoid wasting money. Ensuring the success of these operational excellence initiatives often depends on divisions working together to share data and interpret it appropriately. 

Metrendalytics established a central platform that collects and integrates all critical production data, utilizing actionable data and metrics to help management proactively identify efficiency issues.

  • Acquire production data using a centralized data collection system that assist you in administrative areas and give you the latest information concerning your factory’s needs.
  • Ability to calculate both machine and labor performance accurately.
  • Able to gather data and information about the production rate of your machinery based on the capacity of utilization on the demand rate of the products you are manufacturing.
  • Generate trend reports on specific equipment downtime and reason for outage.  Provides summary analysis on root cause for downtime
  • Generate equipment maintenance reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and receive automatic alerts when maintenance is overdue or subscription reports to upcoming maintenance.
  • Schedule more accurately with assignment of machine and labor
  • Calculate the capacity of labor production by assigning work to and evaluating the workers’ performance.
  • Calculate the difference between the actual cost of production and the budgeted costs.
  • Measure the number of units produced at the assembly against the number of anticipated units. Maximizing effectiveness is determined by the utilization of all materials and minimizing waste. Limit the production defects and maximize the use of resources at the assembly stage. Compare the variance between the generated and anticipated units and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Automatic calculation and reporting of aggregate metrics: output per person, output per machine, average downtime per machine, units per man hour per shift
  • Improved accuracy of planning and forecasting (e.g. product timelines, resources, and financials)
  • Analyze your factory’s profitability using available data. Calculate the financial profits yielded through manufacturing the product.

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