We Develop Business Solutions

Running a business is not easy.  Metrendalytics, is focused on helping companies develop highly customized and flexible business intelligence solutions

In today’s world, companies operate on a global scale and the volume of operational data is growing, not shrinking - resulting in increased management costs and the need to disseminate important information both quickly and efficiently.   The concept was simple but the budget and resources to execute this need are typically scarce.

Companies want to be able to capture and integrate the data and information associated with those projects in a centralized database and then share that data and information with hundreds or thousands of people in real-time, whenever and wherever they happened to be. 

In this way, managers could leverage and re-use common business data far more efficiently than they could with other traditional desktop tools.

Business Solutions


Metrendalytics Consulting, focused on helping companies develop highly customized and flexible business intelligence solutions.  Developed platforms enable organizations to extract data from disparate sources and diverse data types to provide ready to analyze aggregated data for critical business applications, paper-lite operations, and advanced business analytics. 

your Companies Performance


Metrendalytics can turn complex business processes to simple to use technology solutions, enabling real time data access which helps to actively manage operational performance, mitigate risk, and shape smarter business decisions.



Creating Value
 from your Data

colabIn today’s business environment, timely access to information regarding project activities, status, and financials will help you facilitate resource projections and streamline your operations.  Establishing a centralized informatics platform will uniquely position companies in the achievement of near real-time information, greater control, improved communication, and reduced operational costs.